Join us for down-to-earth, candid interviews and experiences with comedians, neuroscientists, yogis and musicians – those who share in the basic belief that we are more than what we appear to be.   The show will also feature a spectacular house band, engaging audience participation and special musical guests!  



Personal interviews with spiritual teachers of all traditions, social activists.


NOV. 20 - Daryl Davis 

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Daryl Davis (w Clint Eastwood)

Daryl Davis (w Clint Eastwood)

Science Segment

Science has taught us that we cannot rely on our senses alone to fully understand the nature of reality.  For example, a table may seem to us to be a solid object, but physics has shown us that it is actually composed mostly of space and vibrating particles.   How can we reconcile our experience with knowledge that comes from science?  As seekers of truth, we must use all of our available tools to deepen our investigation.  Top scientists from Harvard, Yale, and other universities will help us to bridge this gap through every day experiments that show us how to see things more truthfully.   

Contributors include:

David Vago PhD

Carrol D'sa MS, PhD

Musical Guests

Performers who use music to uplift and inspire.


NOV. 20 -  Krishna Das

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Krishna Das

Krishna Das